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Sep 12, 2010

qwassr 0.6.0 for Maemo, Windows, Ubuntu, and MeeGo

N900 for Qt4.6.2 (PR1.2)

N900 for Qt4.7 (PR1.3 /opt/qt4-maemo5 version)


Ubuntu 10.04


The followings are the changelog of 0.6.0 package.

* FS#200 Support some shortcut key, e.g. Full Screen
  and open Tweet window
* FS#195 Fix bug that fails to get wassr user icon
* FS#194 When replying, account combobox at tweet
  dialog is fixed, so it should be enable.
* FS#192 Fix bug that fails to get access token
  if the password includes symbol
* FS#187 Support Reply to All
* FS#185 Fix AutoRotation issue
* FS#184 Implement "Shout" effect for Japanese user :)
* FS#181 Disable rich-text mode at tweet dialog
* FS#180 Support conversation
* FS#179 Get a new OAuth token for MeeGo
* FS#178 Fix bug that wheel mouse does not work
  with Qt 4.6.3
* FS#175 Update user icon periodically
* FS#174 Fix bug that the background color in RT case
* FS#167 Use OAuth for favorite function
* FS#155 Support mentions
* FS#111 Support user timeline

This version supports some shortcut keys, especially fullscreen is useful on N900. The followings are the current shortcut list.

* f : fullscreen mode/ normal mode (for maemo only)
* Enter: display tweet dialog (for maemo only)
* CTRL+R: update home timeline

Enjoy ! :)

Note: to install MeeGo package, download it and run the followings in terminal.

$ cd ~/Downloads <- maybe the downloaded file in there
$ su
Password: <- input root password, "meego" is default
# yum localinstall --nogpgcheck -y qwassr-0.6.0-2.meego.i386.rpm

Jun 21, 2010

qwassr 0.5.0 for MeeGo

I just created qwassr rpm package for MeeGo Netbook UX. This binary includes the latest code, so it supports mention but may have some bugs :)

If you need to input Japanese string, install scim-bridge-qt4 also. When showing tweet window, right-click menu shows "SelectIM", so select "scim-bridge", after that you can use SCIM.



Note: Both packages require Qt package, so please install it first.

Note: To install, download the package and run the followings in terminal

$ cd Downloads   <- maybe the downloaded files are there
$ su
Passrod:   <- input root password, "meego" is default
# yum localinstall --nogpgcheck -y qwassr-0.5.0-1.meego.i386.rpm

scim-bridge-qt4-0.4.16-7.1.i386.rpm is also.

May 21, 2010

qwassr 0.5.0 for maemo/ Windows/ Ubuntu 10.04

I just created qwassr 0.5.0 package as follow.

qwassr 0.5.0[224clicks]

N900 PR1.2

N900 PR1.1.1

Ubuntu 10.04

The followings are changelog of 0.5.0 package.

* Fix memory leak
* FS#130 Show progress bar
* FS#143 Support "Delete tweet"
* FS#151 Display official retweeted item
* FS#156 Support official retweet
* FS#157 Hide "Retweet"/ "Quote selected user" menu
    in Wassr case
* FS#165 When the user scrolls TL view and does not
    show the latest tweet, stop auto-update
* FS#166 When the user selects "update" manually
    and if the TL view does not show the latest tweet,
    goes to the latest tweet.
* FS#168 Save latest Tweet ID and use it
    when launching app.

May 10, 2010

qwassr 0.4.2 for maemo/ Windows/ Ubuntu 10.04

I have fixed some bugs from 0.4.1 and implemented font changing feature.

qwassr 0.4.2[210clicks]

N900 PR1.2

N900 PR1.1.1

Ubuntu 10.04

The followings are changelog of 0.4.2 release.

* New, FS#101 Add StyleSettings at Preferences,
   and support Font changing
* Fix Bug, FS#118 When the user icon is ready,
   repaint it automatically.
* Fix Bug, FS#160 Posted date/time is UTC (twitter)
* Fix Bug, FS#161 Sometimes TL cannot be updated
* Fix Bug, FS#163 When showing a tweet of which
   user icon does not exist, the same tweet
   will be displayed again.
* Fix Bug, FS#164 First time, the default font size
   is not expected value.

Preference-Font 今回のリリースは主にバグフィックスがメインですが、 1つだけ新規に実装したものがあって、設定画面(Preferences)にStyle Settings というタブを追加しました。現在ここではフォントの設定変更ができるようになってますので、文字が小さすぎるんじゃゴラァ! とかいう場合はここから変更してください。ちなみに Maemo 版は、QFontSelect のダイアログがまだ hildon 化が十分じゃないのか、表示すると悲しいことになってますが、 まぁ頑張れば文字サイズくらいは変更できるんじゃないかと思います。

May 02, 2010

qwassr 0.4.1 for maemo/ Windows/ Ubuntu 10.04

I have fixed one bug below, and created some pacakges. If you change your region from US and your TL's sort is wrong, please update qwassr by 0.4.1. If not, you can use 0.4.0.

* Fix: When using non US region, date/time
   is not display correctly

qwassr 0.4.1[234clicks]

N900 PR1.2

N900 PR1.1.1

Ubuntu 10.04 x86

Comment (1)
・Kimitake : sorry guys, Windows package was wrong, so I have updated it again.

Apr 29, 2010

qwassr 0.4.0-1maemo1 for N900

It took a bit long time from 0.3.0 release but I was busy for some events, e.g. attended linux foundation summit and got Nexus One at the event and setting up MeeGo development environment :) So only a couple of functions below are implemented.

* Support QT (Current, it is implemented as RT)
* Support OAuth for reply (twitter)
* Fix: If a user icon's extension is not correct,
   it is not displayed.
* Fix: a tweet that includes geolocation is
   not displayed correctly.
* Fix: When replying to wassr, it is connected to
   wrong tweet.

And PR1.2 firmware has not been released yet, so I have copied two version as well as the previous release.

If you have already updated your N900's Qt package to 4.6.2 by PR1.2 SDK, please use the following package.


If your N900's Qt 4.6.2 still exists under /opt, which comes from extras-devel, please use the following package.


Apr 02, 2010

qwassr 0.3.0-1maemo2.1 for N900

Recently maemo SDK is updated for next firmware, PR1.2, so Qt 4.6.2 pakcages are replaced from 4.5.3 to 4.6.2 and they exist in /usr instead of /opt. So I just prepare two packages.

If you have already updated your N900's Qt package to 4.6.2, please use the following package.


If your N900's Qt 4.6.2 still exits under /opt, which comes from extras-devel, please use the following package.


qwassr 0.3 MS-Windows version

思い起こせば最初のバージョンをリリースしてから約1年。諸般の事情で開発が滞っていたので、 前回に比べて機能的には大幅な進化はしていないが、そんななかでも複数アカウントが使えるようになった、というのは1つの特徴。

Mar 24, 2009

QWassr 0.1 release

QWassr がある程度使えそうになってきたので、一旦リリースしたいと思います。

maemo (diablo)版は下記リンクから


Windows 版は下記リンクから


それぞれインストールしてください。Windows 版は英語OS上で動作確認しただけなので、もしかしたら日本語OSだと twitter のタイムラインの日時がおかしくなるかもしれません。問題があったらご連絡いただけると助かります。

maemo 版は Kimitake's Qt repository というのが Application Manager にカタログとして追加されます。また diablo extras-devel がカタログになければ追加してください。詳細は以下の通り。

Catalogue name: diablo extras-devel
Web address:
Distribution: diablo
Components: free non-free

maemo 版ですが、maemocjk では直接日本語入力ができないので、ポストする場合は Notes などに一旦書いてコピペしてください。

またインターナルメディア /media/mmc2 に qwassr というフォルダを作ってユーザーアイコンなどを保存するので、 インターナルメディアをブートディスクとして全部使ってしまってる場合は事前にフォルダを作成してください。

QWassr は Qt を利用してますので、いくつか Qt4.5 ライブラリも一緒にインストールする必要がありますが、前述の extras-devel が登録されていれば自動で必要なファイルがインストールされます。Qt ライブラリ用に 20MB 前後? ディスクスペースが必要になるので、インストール前に空き容量を確認してください。

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